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What am I?
At either end a twisted path,
A thousand steps between.
Those who get them give them,
Those who give them always have more.

       King Just is growing old. He has no children, and has decided to leave his vast tropical kingdom to the person who can solve this problem. He has a pool dug, 30 feet square and 15 feet deep. In the center is a platform 10 feet square, and level with the sides of the pool. The walls are all smooth and vertical. The water in the pool is 12 feet deep. On the platform he has placed his royal scepter (which is gold and weighs 30 pounds). In the pool he has placed a dozen hungry sharks.
       The person who can retrieve the scepter and hand it to the king will inherit the kingdom. To do that you are given 2 strong wooden planks. Each plank is 8 feet long, 1 foot wide, 2 inches thick and weighs 40 pounds. You are not allowed to use anything else, such as nails, glue, hammer, saw, bolts, rope, poles, clamps, tape, etc. You are allowed only 1 minute for the task.
       How do you get the scepter and get back in time?

       Draw a continuous path through the three rooms in this house so that each of the 12 walls is crossed exactly once.



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